Montalto della Marche


Who are we


Godfried for many years in the Netherlands had his own installation and building company where the emphasis lay in rebuilding and renovating. He has now continued its activities in Italy. The first major task was rebuilding and renovating his own house. He now works as an installer and constructionconsultant in Italy.



Anuscka is travelling once a month to the Netherlands to exercise her old profession. She’s an interior designer and specializes in arranging child nurseries, spaces for after-school relief, schools etc.  She gives practical workshops concerning the influence of the spatial surroundings on the behaviour of children. In the future she hopes she can work as an interior designer in Italy to individuals who want to (re)furnish their (holiday) house.




Carmen was born in 1994. At the moment she is in the third year of the Lyceum in Montalto. Carmen is sport-loving and gladly play tennis. She is also creative but she doesn't have enough time because of all the home work. Furthermore she loves to go out and, as almost every little girl of her age, she loves shopping. At this moment Carmen is also doing some model work around san benedetto which finds splendid although she wants to become an actress.



Amber was born in 1995. Amber is in the second year of the Lyceum in San Benedetto del Tronto. Her hobby are tennis, reading, going out and especially shopping. With Carmen she also does model work around San Benedetto del Tronto. Amber gladly want to be a famous model although she realises that only very few people attain this. For this reason she is studying very hard so that later she can go to the university.




Floor was born in 1999 and is the youngest child of the family. Floor has a big social life in Montalto. She does ballet, modern and traditional, 2 times a week. Moreover she loves doing handicrafts, playing ‘Sims’ and 'Hyves' on the computer, swimming and trampoline jumping. Floor is in the first year of the 'Media', this school lasts 3 years.



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